About Us

About Us

The Department of "Carib" Affairs was established in the year 2000 to address the needs of the local Kalinago people in the Kalinago Territory and by extension, Dominica. It was then headed by a Parliamentary Secretary. In 2005, the Department was changed to the Ministry of Carib Affairs. Situated on the 1st Floor, Financial Centre, Kalinago Upliftment formed part of the Office of the Prime Minister. The immediate past minister is Mr. Ashton Graneau who was preceded by his brother Mr. Kelly Graneau.

Kalinago Upliftment was given additional staff through the National Employment Program, and presently includes a Community Development Officer; Ms. Natasha Green responsible for youth, an Agriculture Officer; Mr. Jason Jones, two Information Technology Officers: Ms. Nina Burton and Mr. Migall Auguiste, a Community Administrative Assistant; Ms. Decilia Lockhart and a Cultural Officer: Mr. Prosper Paris.


To improve the quality of life and opportunities for the Kalinago People by contributing to a relationship of mutual understanding, trust and respect between the Government and people of Dominica and the Salybia Constituency.


To enhance the quality of life, to promote economic opportunity, and to carry out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of the indigenous people of Wai'tukubuli (Dominica) by providing better sservices, opportunites and results.


  • To empower the indigenous people
  • To provide equity
  • To promote development
  • To respect indigenous initiatives
  • To tolerate experiences between all citizens
  • To be fair and objective during interactions


To work in collaboration with the Kalinago community and leaders to improve the quality of life and expand economic opportunities for all Kalinago People living in Dominica.


  1. To promote collaborations and coordination across Government Ministries on indigenous policy and programs.
  2. To set priorities for and to track progress of Dominica's agenda.
  3. To enhance government's awareness of the Kalingo people, issues and best practices for consulting and engaging with the Kalinago people.
  4. To work with the goverment to find ways to make the most of public funding.
  5. To increase Kalinago people's access to government programs, services and information.
  6. To reform the land issues process to help address historical grievances.
  7. To encourage diversity, especially respresentation of the Kalinago people in Dominica Public Service.
  8. To develop International/Regional level relations.


The Ministry is a specialized organization responsible for the people of the Salybia Constituency,and has the responsibility for coordinating the public services provided by the government while being subordinate to the Cabinet and Prime Minister.