Kalinago Upliftment:

Aims to cater to the needs of the Kalinago people. This is done through collaborative work with various councils, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and government agencies.
Works collaboratively with the Kalinago Council through dialogue and information sharing. The Kalinago Chief and Council are represented on every major project and programme initiated by Government in the Kalinago Territory. The Kalinago Territory Capacity Building Project is an example, where the Carib Chief co-chairs the Project Steering Committee
Makes a concerted effort to be represented at every monthly statutory meeting of the Council, as well as that of Atkinson Village Council, the other local authority in the constituency. Both councils compliment the work of the Kalinago Upliftment and in many instances; they are utilized as the implementing agencies for government funded projects and programmes.
Is in touch with the Kalinago people and those of Atkinson through its officers. The Minister is available to the people every Thursday "Constituency Day" and on weekends. There is a Constituency office at St. Cyr and an outpost/project office of the Kalinago Upliftment at Gaulette-River where constituents can access the Kalinago Upliftment and Officers.

Key Officials

Minister - Honourable Cozier Frederick
Permanent Secretary - Mrs. Sylvanie Burton
Kalinago Chief - Mr. Lorenzo Sanford