Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) Project

This Environmental Management Framework (ESMF) was developed related to the potential World Bank financing of the Project in relation to World Bank safeguard policies.  The ESMF consists of the following sections: 

  • Project Background (Section B)
  • Environmental Conditions and Potential Impacts (Section C)
  • National and World Bank Environmental Requirements (Section D)
  • Project Environment Management (Section E)
  • Monitoring (Section F)
  • Capacity Building (Section G)
  • Budget (Section H)
  • Annexes (Scoping and Screening Tools, Contract Language, Consultation)

The final ESMF shall be referenced as part of the Project Operation Manual.

This ESMF is prepared to serve as a safeguard framework to examine the environmental and social impacts of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and technologies to be supported by the CCIC program. The objectives of the ESMF are: 

  • To establish clear procedures and methodologies for the environmental and social review, approval and implementation of small and medium business investments to be financed under the program;
  • To specify appropriate roles and responsibilities, and outline the necessary reporting procedures, for managing and monitoring environmental and social concerns related to program investments; 
  • To determine the training and capacity building needs; and 
  • To establish the budget required to implement the ESMF.

For more information, you can read the full article here: Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) Project (pdf 246KB). 

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